Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 8

Amusing game that puts the player into the titular animated world


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  • Works under: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Gameloft

Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 8 is a racing game that lets you and your kids experience the thrill and excitement of the film series as you race against vehicles from the series.

Released in 2006, the first film in the series told the story of Lightning McQueen. In the cars universe, all cars act like humans. While on his way to a big race, he fell out of his hauler and wound up stuck in a small town in the middle of nowhere. He eventually made friends and learned that life is about more than just racing. A sequel came out in 2011, and the film also led to a series of spin-offs movies and cartoons.

While there was an older video and computer game released at the same time as the film, Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 8 is a different game that features two different modes of play. Most fans will love the exciting action sequences that take place as they race across different tracks. Others will prefer the building elements found in the game. It actually lets you build your own version of the city found in the film series.

During the racing scenes, you'll have the chance to pick the type of car or vehicle you want to play as before going up against some of the characters from the films. Though you may unlock some features for placing higher in races, most of those features require that you win a game. Not only can you unlock new tracks to race on, but you can also unlock new characters too. You also have the chance to unlock new upgrades that can help you get around obstacles quicker and increase your speed.

Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 8 also includes tracks that you can customize. Adding speed bumps, changing the layout, and making other adjustments can make those tracks harder or easier to beat. Based on your level and where you are in the game, you'll notice that you have only a limited amount of energy, which determines the number of races you can complete.

Fans of the series will also love that they can rebuild Radiator Springs, the town from that series. You can use the money you earn from your races to buy new buildings and other features, but working on the town is a distraction that takes you away from the racing action. If you like racing games and love the films, you'll love Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows 8.


  • Features iconic characters from the films
  • Lets you race against the computer or with others in online multiplayer mode
  • Comes with a construction option that lets you rebuild Radiator Springs
  • Includes tracks that you can customize


  • Only works with Windows 8 operating systems
  • Building and working on the town can feel boring
  • Keeps you from advancing based on your energy level
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